How to Stain Unfinished Furniture

Staining is an important part of finishing a piece of unfinished furniture. After the wood has been prepped, there are steps to follow when it comes time to apply a stain.

Stains are used to improve the grain of the wood by a significant amount. From an aesthetic point of view, it really makes the wood pop and provides it with its own kind of character. Stains also provide many options as you can use one particular color, or mix a few to create one unique hue.


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The Benefits of Buying Unfinished Furniture

A common question asked when buying unfinished furniture is why should you make such a purchase? The answer is simple. There are a long line of benefits that come with buying unfinished furniture and here is a look at some of them


There is a unique quality that comes with buying a piece of unfinished furniture. Chances are you will not walk into someone else’s home and see the exact same piece. Since everyone’s finishing style is different, your furniture will truly be a one-of-a-kind item. There is also a personalization in this option. Plenty of DIY projects can be found online to guide you toward the look you desire. Since you are the one doing the finishing, you can take great pride in your furniture

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How to Decide What Color Stain to Use on Unfinished Furniture

There are lots of options to choose from when selecting a stain for your unfinished furniture from Hickory NC. The first thing to consider is whether or not you want to match the color with another furniture item in your home. You may even choose to match the stain to the woodwork in your home. There is also the option of going a different route and contrasting your existing furniture with a new color stain.



Everything You Need To Know About Unfinished Wood Furniture

Some people have never invested in or worked with unfinished wood furniture before. These products always require a bit of effort once they’ve been purchased and before they’re used, but they can add a significant amount of charm to any living environment. Following is everything that you need to know about the solid wood that is used in unfinished furnishings.

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What Real Wood Really Is

High-quality, unfinished furnishings are made from real wood. There are some pieces of furniture that are even marketed as being solid wood, but what does this really mean? Solid wood implies that all exposed parts of the product are comprised of either softwood or hardwood lumber. Solid wood is frequently used in dining, bedroom and accent furniture. Storage solutions such as those offered by Highland Woodcraft and high-quality bookcases are among some of the pieces that boast real wood construction. They are made using solid wood trim along with cabinet-grade veneers and plywood for shelving and sides. The result is a solid, durable item that is unlikely to warp. Lower-quality furnishings are commonly comprised of MDF or chip board. Real wood products have higher levels of structural integrity and they are built to last.

Basic Wood Types

Softwood is not actually soft per se. A few good examples of softwood include spruce and pine which, like all other options in softwood come from conifer trees. Hardwood comes from deciduous trees like maple and oak. Oak is and has long been one of the most popular wood types for unfinished furniture and it is available in two options: white oak and red oak.

It Is Important To Protect Real Wood

Applying stain or paint is an important part of finishing wood furniture. This normally requires several coats, but there is still more to do. Use a clear protective finish to complete this project. This will provide stain protection as well as protection against common, household chemicals and normal wear and tear. You also have to remember to finish all sides of your real wood furniture. Moreover, you should never use unfinished furniture right after you’ve purchased it. Check out some of our other blog posts to get more tips and advice on finishes.

Go With The Wood Grain

When you get ready to stain unfinished furniture, it is best to go with the wood grain. This means directing your brush strokes so that they travel back and forth with the wood grain rather than going up, down and against it. You also want to liberally apply the stain that you’re using. Some stains may drip or bleed onto the back of the wood. This is why you should regularly check the back of the item while you are staining it in order to correct bleeding or dripping right away. Stain usually sits on the wood for just a few minutes before you’ll need to wipe away the excess and the piece should be allowed to dry fully before another coat is applied. Always adhere to any instructions that product manufacturers provide when completing a do-it-yourself wood finishing project.

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